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圣诞特辑-绝配! 好有圣诞feel的 [煎海鲈鱼配上色泽嫣红,味道酸甜的海鲜料理]



鲈鱼一条 1.5磅 (Sea bass 1.5 lbs), 芦笋8条 (Asparagus 8 strips), 小蕃茄6粒 (Small tomato 6 )。无花果酱汁 半杯 (Fig sauce ½ C)。


How to make Fig Sauce

材料: 无花果五颗 (Fig 5 pieces), 橙皮果酱三大匙 (Marmalade 3 T), 红酒醋两大匙 (Red wine vinegar 2 T), 牛油半大匙 (Butter ½ T), 红酒半杯 (Red wine ½ C)。



无花果去皮后压烂成茸,加入果酱, 红酒醋, 用牛油煮热后, 再加上红酒煮至浓稠 变可。

Peel the fig and mash it. Add marmalade and red wine vinegar. Heat with butter and then add red wine, cook till it becomes thick.

• 可以用在鸭肉,羊肉,海鲜上或涂在饼乾, Toast做小吃。

• The fig sauce could be served with duck, lamb and seafood. Also could use as spread for crackers and toasts.

• 煎鲈鱼柳做法:

• Instructions of Pan-Fry Sea Bass:

• 1. 鲈鱼一条起肉, 用盐,胡椒粉涂抹均匀鱼块上,醃十分钟备用。

• Separate the meat from the sea bass, then apply salt and pepper to the pieces and marinate for 10 minutes.

• 2. 热镬下油, 把鱼块两边煎香至熟,盛放在碟上 。

• Heat the oil and fry the sea bass on both sides until cooked. Serve on a dish

• 3. 芦笋用油盐水灼熟放旁边,小蕃茄装饰。 最后淋上无花果酱汁便可。 

• fBoil the asparagus with salty water and decorate with small tomatoes. Finally, drizzle with fig jam.

• * 梁师傅小贴士 *

• Chef’s Tips:

1、鲈鱼富含蛋白质、维生素A、B族维生素、钙、镁、锌、硒等营养元素;具有补 肝肾、益脾胃、化痰止咳之效,对肝肾不足的人有很好的补益作用。Sea bass is rich in protein, vitamin A, B vitamins, calcium, magnesium, zinc, selenium and other nutrients; it has the effects of nourishing liver and kidney, spleen and stomach.

2、鲈鱼还可治胎动不安、产生少乳等症,准妈妈和产生妇女吃鲈鱼是一种既补 身、又不会造成营养过剩而导致肥胖的营养食物,是健身补血、健脾益气和益体安 康的佳品。Sea bass can also treat fetal restlessness and help new mom to produce breast milk. It is nutritious and won’t cause obesity.

3、鲈鱼血中还有较多的铜元素,铜能维持神经系统的正常的功能并参与数种物 质代谢的关键酶的功能发挥,铜元素缺乏的人可食用鲈鱼来补充。Sea bass contains copper in its blood. Copper can maintain the normal function of the nervous system and participate in the function of key enzymes involved in the metabolism of several substances. People who lack copper can eat sea bass.

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* 丰盛行参茸海味 (Fong Sen Co.) (红酒,果酱, 红酒醋)

责任编辑:Sarah Shao